Truncated Hollow Tip Design ®


Bidirectional cutting tools

The standard tool design was okay for the standard tobacco chambers, but not good enough for the long parabolic spoon bits or any other tool with a long profile cutting edge. This kind of tools are not just a drill bit, but actually a forming tool.


So, it became obvious that the tool had to be redesigned. I decided to apply the same principles that we use on metal cutting tools, and I came up with a simple yet effective solution, the TH tip design.

The results were spectacular. The tools with the new tip design can produce up to 23mm perfect looking and truly precise tobacco chamber very easily, even with a small 4mm drilled pilot hole.

The TH tip design not only makes the tool sharper and easier to use, but also allows the bidirectional use and doubles its life. Now TH tip became a standard for all of my tools.



Sharpening TH Tip Spoon Bits

I’ve tried once to test for how long a TH Tip Spoon Bit will remain sharp. After making 25 chambers and not noticing any change at tool’s behavior I’ve stopped the test. Sharpening your spoon bits before each use belongs to the past.

Although at some point the tool will become dull. I’ve added a link to a short video on how to sharpen your tools. The process is very simple, it only takes a few minutes and you don’t have to use diamond files or any other special tool.

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